what’s a blood cloud and why is it so lucky?

Like people, some words are just more interesting than others.

Having suffered through linguistics in University, I’m sure there’s a logical reason for this phenomena – a “catchiness quotient”, if you will.  But in lieu of the higher learning that now escapes me after five years serving as a member of the huddled masses, the only thing I know for sure is that there’s really no power in anything until you believe that it has power.

That’s the secret behind the stickiness that will make a normal, rational human blurt out things like “obvy”, and blindly accept the fact that Webster’s dictionary is now allowing full admittance to words like “sexting”. And while nothing will remove the pain of hearing your grandmother describe herself as a cougar, there is a certain amount of solace to be found in creating a catch phrase of your own.  How difficult could it possibly be?

After about five minutes of grueling thought-dedication (which is just like thought leadership…and just as meaningless), I emerged from my mind-brain with a new and beautiful phrase – the likes of which the world has never seen: lucky blood cloud.

Here’s why I like it:

  1. It doesn’t mean anything.  And it doesn’t just not mean anything in its entirety, but each individual word means absolutely nothing.  Because really, who believes in luck anymore?  And blood? Blood is everywhere.  And don’t even get me started on clouds.  Joni Mitchell said it best when she said she really didn’t even know those fuckers at all.
  2. Just like being in a fight with a lover that you can’t get out of, inflection when saying “lucky blood cloud” means more than the actual words. You can use this multi-purpose phrase to convey relief, disappointment, dismay, envy, elation – anything, really.  It’s such a generic way of expressing yourself that one size fits all. Like putting on a plastic poncho – but with your mouth.
  3. No one else is saying it.  The power of this last point is pretty compelling, considering the greatest quest of most 20-something middle-class North American females is to be different than everyone else they’re the most like.

You might use this phrase when you’re out at the bar with friends.  You might use it when you encounter a near-death experience.  You might use it when your boss is pissing you off.  Or you might use it just to sound different than other people.

But regardless of your reason, always remember – it’s no more or less pointless than everything else you’re already encountering in your life.

And that’s okay.

One comment

  1. Lucky Blood Cloud is how I feel regarding Apartment hunting. What does that mean? Well I guess you’ll have to read between these lines, bitches.
    Saqui, OUT.

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